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cysmo® identifies cyber risks and consequences that are often not known to the insurant.


cysmo® shows vulnerabilities from the "hacker's perspective". Rating costs start at 20 euros.


cysmo® is accessible 24/7 and creates a multi-page report on the cyber threats to your customers in only three minutes.


cysmo® enables you to monitor your customers. You can point out security issues before any damage is done.


cysmo® offers you an easy-to-understand analysis and indicates good starting points for improvement.


cysmo® can compare every rating to the average result of all other ratings performed by cysmo®


cysmo® informs you via the benchmark about Internet providers in your portfolio that may currently present an accumulation risk.


cysmo® translates the results of the analysis into easy-to-understand content for underwriters.


cysmo® has been fully developed in Germany and was originally written in German. We also offer an English translation.