cysmo® 2018 INFODAYS

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Cyber security: DoS attacks, phishing, accumulation risks, privacy – what does a realistic rating look like?

You offer your customers cyber insurances or are planning to do so in the future? But you are still looking for an efficient tool to give you a realistic risk assessment in real time? Questionnaires are too subjective, audits too time-consuming, and pen tests too expensive?

Discover cysmo® – the new dimension of cyber risk assessment.

Developed by actuaries and software engineers in Germany, cysmo® is a browser-based, fully automated analysis and rating tool that gives underwriters a comprehensive real-time cyber risk assessment in an average of three minutes.

Get to know all aspects of cysmo® at our cysmo® INFODAYS. We will give you a glimpse into the cyber security market and cysmo®, and perform ratings live on site.

Visit our homepage for more information on further potential and application areas that cysmo® has to offer your company.

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After 4.00 pm, you will have the opportunity to chat with our experts and colleagues about everything cyber-related.

Don’t miss the innovation in the cyber market - come join us!