How does cysmo®'s innovative
risk analysis work?

cysmo® offers a fully automated real-time assessment of cyber risks for users like underwriters and sales representatives of insurance companies.

cysmo® considers current threats like DDoS, phishing, exploits, data breaches and more in its real-time analysis and rates them in a live risk assessment.

cysmo® is browser-based: the rating process starts from the moment you enter a domain address and gives you a comprehensive result in just three minutes on average.

cysmo® at a glance


cysmo®’s stand-out feature is that its partial ratings are not just percentage values calculated as a sum of the individual scores; they are actually explained in a user-friendly and detailed way. If necessary, the tool can directly export the results into a format that is fit for presentation. The system is accessible 24/7.

When repeating a rating (a so-called re-rating), the user can see if and in which instances the result has changed in comparison to the previous rating thanks to the trend curve. The rating history is archived in a comprehensible way.

In addition to the company rating, we also provide the user with a benchmark that compares their rating value to all other ratings performed for the sector.



Partial ratings and scores

cysmo® records and analyses various information that is visible online and might present potential weak points exploitable by attackers. This analysis and the automated rating of the generated data result in individual scores which in turn result in partial ratings.

All partial ratings viewed as a whole present an overall rating of the IT structure, illustrating the company's current security with regard to cyber attacks and thereby detecting security gaps - a valuable addition to questionnaires and audits that is easy to understand and transparent.