Transparency on every level

cysmo® rates and analyses various information that is visible online and presents potential weak points from an attacker’s perspective. In addition to the total score, a comprehensive evaluation shows you in detail how certain percentage values were achieved and which events should therefore be critically examined.


To this end, the different scores of a company (including open ports, tracking settings, mail encryption methods etc.) and the respectively affected URLs are listed.

Everything under control:
the cysmo® dashboard

Needless to say, cysmo® is initially accessed via a secure gateway which only opens after a previous registration authorised by the cysmo® team.

cysmo® is constantly being refined to dynamically adapt to new cyber threats. A feature of the cysmo® dashboard is the cyber alert function, which indicates the current global cyber threat situation.

cysmo® has the following additional features:

  • User role system
  • Rating and re-rating
  • Rating history
  • Export function (PDF)
  • Trend curve display
  • Sorting and searching
  • Note function
  • Language settings
  • Cyber threat alerts
  • Cyber news feed

Various single scores – five partial ratings – one overall result

The rating result is currently made up of five partial ratings that rate the following aspects: