Transparency on every level

cysmo® rates and analyses information that is visible online and that presents potential weak points from a hacker’s perspective. In addition to the end result, a comprehensive evaluation shows you in detail how certain percentage values were achieved and which events should therefore be critically examined.

The point values or scores of a company determined in the cysmo® analysis, for example, regarding open ports, tracking settings or mail encryption methods, are compiled and output with their exact URL.

Everything under control:
the cysmo® dashboard

On the cysmo® dashboard, you can control all cysmo® functions and are presented with a clear overview of the results of the cysmo® analysis. A special feature is the cyber threat alert function, informing you of current threat situations on a global scale. cysmo® is initially accessed via a secure login process after a previous registration authorised by the cysmo® team.

cysmo® is constantly being refined and dynamically adapted to new cyber threats.

cysmo® convinces with comprehensive features:

  • User role system
  • Rating and re-rating
  • Rating history
  • Benchmark calculation
  • Export function (PDF)
  • Trend curve display
  • Sorting and searching
  • Comment function
  • Language settings
  • Cyber threat alert
  • Cyber newsfeed
  • Additional information material (manual, visualisation of the IT world)

Many individual scores – six partial ratings – one end result

The rating result currently comprises six partial ratings that rate the following aspects: