Automated cyber risk analyses in real time

Evaluate companies quickly, efficiently, and precisely

cysmo® transforms cyber risk management in the financial industry, specifically designed for insurance companies and with a sophisticated outside-in scanning method, cysmo® enables deep insights into external security vulnerabilities. 

Using a company's domain alone, cysmo® generates a detailed report on its externally visible digital weaknesses in real time (within less than a minute) and fully automatically.

cysmo® Use Cases

Top performance in cyber risk assessment

Game changer in cyber risk detection


cysmo® Portfolio

Avoidance of false-positive results through the use of cysmo®.

Fully automated reports for every company in less than a minute.

Reports in different languages for clear comprehensibility.

Personal support from Germany by real experts - your cysmo® team.

100% focus on the insurance industry. Applicable to the entire financial industry.

Compliance with data protection regulations such as the GDPR.

Trust through transparency

With certainty, more expertise

Our customers benefit from innovative cyber risk assessments and rely on cysmo®'s precise scans to strengthen their digital risk strategies. You can benefit from our Services.

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Less risk, more success

New standards in cyber risk analysis

cysmo® Technology

The decisive digital advantage

The innovative technology makes it possible to efficiently review and evaluate publicly accessible systems, following leading recommendations and industry standards.

As a recognized standard in cyber risk rating, cysmo® is already being used successfully as a sales and underwriting tool and also provides support in meeting regulatory requirements.


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cysmo® Scoring

Precise evaluation for well-founded decisions

  • Attack Resilience
  • DDoS Stability
  • DNS Config
  • Mail Config
  • Privacy and Reputation
  • DarkNet

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cysmo® API

Maximize your efficiency

By providing a powerful and flexible API, cysmo® enables financial organizations to seamlessly integrate with a variety of legacy and distribution systems.

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cysmo® Partner

Working together for cyber security

Partners that characterize the cysmo® technology.

  • BSI | Alliance for Cyber Security
  • TeleTrusT | Federal Association for IT Security


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Outside-in scanning software

cysmo® platform