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cysmo® helps you to quantify the potential loss amount of cyber claims. As this is always a challenge for the market - and therefore also for you - due to the lack of history, cysmo® offers you an innovative approach that enables you to make a well-founded assessment for the first time.

In addition to the technical scan data, the business exposure is also taken into account in a frequency and severity model. What is revolutionary is that, for the first time, different geographical conditions are also taken into account.


The comprehensive assessment of financial cyber risks using the cysmo® features includes:

Quantification of Damage Amount:

  • cysmo® assists you in estimating potential financial losses from cyber incidents, a challenge for the market due to the limited historical data available.

Financial Risk Assessment with an Innovative Approach:

  • By combining technical scan data and considering business exposure, cysmo® enables a well-founded assessment of financial risks.

Incorporation of Geographic Conditions:

  • For the first time, regional differences are taken into account, allowing for a more precise and customized risk analysis.

Estimated Damage Amount:

  • Determination of loss amounts in the event of damage to provide a realistic and data-based calculation of potential financial losses.

Expected Value as Annual Risk Forecast:

  • An annual risk forecast based on a Frequency and Severity model offers a longer-term perspective and aids in strategic planning.

Model Improvement through Machine Learning:

  • Continuous improvement of prediction models through the use of machine learning to enhance the accuracy and reliability of financial risk analyses.


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  • Preliminary valuation

  • Financial risk assessment

  • Estimated loss amount

  • Intelligent model improvement

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