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Intelligently Automated Cyber Risk Assessment

In today’s digitally connected world, cyber risks are growing exponentially. Insurance companies play a central role in protecting against cyber risks that affect businesses of all sizes. For insurers, this means a continuous challenge not only to protect their own portfolios but also to accurately assess the risks of their insured continuously.

cysmo® steps in here: The state-of-the-art, cloud-based security platform offers a new dimension of risk assessment, specifically developed for the needs of insurers. Based in Germany and built on the pillars of precision, data protection, and efficiency, cysmo® enables you to precisely identify, quantify, and manage the cyber risks of your insured.

Cyber risks are dynamic and require ongoing monitoring and a deep understanding of potential threats.Traditional risk assessment methods are insufficient to fully grasp the complex nature of cyberattacks and their potential impacts on businesses. cysmo® changes this by providing a comprehensive, data-driven analysis through outside-in scanning of your insured's cybersecurity posture and delivering easily understandable results.

cysmo® is continuously developed with a persistent focus in collaboration with insurance and cybersecurity experts, specifically for insurers.


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Gain real-time insights into the cybersecurity risks of your insured. The cysmo® dashboard offers an intuitive and clear presentation of the assessment results, helping you make informed decisions and manage risks effectively.

With nothing more than a company's domain, cysmo® generates a detailed report in real-time (<1 minute) on its visible digital vulnerabilities.


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The cysmo® platform enables you to make informed decisions about policies and premiums while simultaneously supporting your insured with valuable insights to improve their security.


Real-Time Outside-In Scans

The Right Perspective for Every User

Optimize your risk assessment with precision. 

With cysmo®, you gain access to detailed, automated analyses of a company's IT security situation within minutes. Refine your underwriting with comprehensive data on external attack surfaces and make informed decisions based on current technical insights.

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Boost your sales success with solid arguments. 

cysmo® enables you to clearly demonstrate the importance and value of cyber insurance to your clients. Use easily understandable reports to effectively communicate cyber risks and tailor policies to meet customer needs.

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Keep your portfolio safe and up-to-date. 

With cysmo®, you can quickly identify new vulnerabilities and attack vectors within your portfolio. Detect risk concentrations and act proactively to protect your insured from the latest cyber threats.

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Efficiency and clarity in claims processing. 

cysmo® supports you in the quick and accurate assessment of claims. Effectively check compliance with obligations and use detailed IT security analyses to precisely determine the extent of the damage.

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Refine your risk analysis with deeper insights. 

The exceptional detail and timeliness of cysmo® reports enable risk analysts to precisely assess the cyber threat landscape of companies. Redesign your risk strategy based on solid, technical data.

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Optimize Your Cyber Risk Assessment

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