Portfolio Outside-In Scans

Targeted cyber risk management for the financial sector

cysmo® offers a comprehensive product portfolio that has been specially developed for the needs of the financial sector to optimize the risk assessment of companies. Our solutions are aimed at the financial sector, which requires precise and at-the-touch analytics to assess cyber risks. The cysmo® platform, at its core, combines various specialized views in a SaaS application that enables cyber risks to be assessed efficiently and in real time.

The centerpiece  | cysmo® platform

The central SaaS application of the cysmo® platform offers various views and advanced analysis functions that make it possible to create comprehensive reports on potential cyber risks in real time with just one domain entry.

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The integrator | cysmo® API

The cysmo® API enables the integration of cysmo® technology into existing systems in the financial sector to extend their functionality and automate cyber risk analysis.

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The guardian | cysmo® Portfolio analysis

Monitors and analyzes the security posture of enterprise portfolios to provide holistic insight and control.

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The detailed | cysmo® report

Precise insights for specific risk assessments that are generated on demand and provide in-depth analysis.

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The visionary | cysmo® Exposure View

Provides a glimpse into the future of a global portfolio scan by identifying potential risk scenarios at an early stage and supporting the development of proactive strategies.

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