Tradition establishes innovation

The cysmo Cyber Risk GmbH, a subsidiary of PPI AG, brings the over 40-year success story as a consulting and software company for banks, insurance companies, and financial service providers into a new era. As a steadily growing family-owned public company, PPI combines specialist and technological expertise to implement projects competently and effortlessly. With over 800 employees, the company strives to prioritize the success of its customers, providing excellent solutions for essential processes in the insurance industry.

The establishment of cysmo Cyber Risk GmbH is a natural extension of this success story and focuses on cysmo®, the innovative cyber risk assessment platform specifically designed for the needs of the German insurance industry.

cysmo® was developed in 2017 by experts from the cyber and insurance
industry. The cysmo® platform is used by leading insurers, reinsurers, agents and brokers across Germany and beyond to reduce the loss ratio of cyber insurance policies, increase the efficiency of underwriting and risk management and reduce costs.

cysmo® - In a sentence

"With nothing more than a company's domain, cysmo® generates a detailed report on its externally visible digital weaknesses in real time (<1 minute)."

Focus on insurers and beyond

The innovation for real-time cyber risk assessment

cysmo® aims to provide insurers with an innovative tool for the specific needs of cyber policies.

The unique challenges faced by the industry, particularly in the sale and risk assessment of cyber policies, are specifically addressed.

As a key tool, cysmo® is establishing itself as the standard in German-speaking countries and supports insurance companies in the precise assessment of cyber risks and in the development of innovative cyber insurance products. With a focus on technical precision and user-friendliness, cysmo® is also proving to be a valuable tool in portfolio management and opens up new possibilities in claims settlement.

The cysmo® technology can also be applied to financial institutions, auditors and the M&A sector to provide these sectors with customized cyber risk and portfolio analysis.

| cysmo® [ˈsaɪsmo]

The name cysmo® combines "Cyber" with "Seismograph" and stands for precise cyber risk assessment. Just as a seismograph detects the finest movements, cysmo® detects digital risks – a reliable guardian in the world of cyber risks.

| Outside-In Scanning – The External View

Using the method of outside-in scanning, cysmo® can evaluate cyber risks from the perspective of a potential attacker to identify vulnerabilities and risks.

| Zero False Positives – Highest Report Quality

The zero false positive maxim of cysmo® ensures that you only receive the most relevant and reliable information, making the reports particularly valuable.

Team cysmo®

The answer to new cyber threat scenarios

Our multidisciplinary team combines the talents of software developers, risk analysts, insurance experts, white-hat hackers and digital strategists. Together, we are committed to constantly revolutionizing innovation in cyber risk rating.

The combination of technological acumen and a deep understanding of digital security landscapes enables us to continuously set new standards in cyber risk assessment and at least keep pace with the ever-changing threat scenarios.

Jonas Schwade


Christian Hadler


Hannah V. Groß

Head of Digital Sales & Growth

Lara Uphoff

Product Owner

Marcel Arnold

Business Developement

Michael Wondwossen

Business Development

Frederik Raschke

Business Development

Marc Cser


Justin Morris


Marvin Templin


Hendrik Herlufsen


cysmo® Hacker

Ethical Hacker Engineers

Advisory Team
The Advisory Board of cysmo® brings together leading minds who sharpen our strategic focus and promote sustainable growth.




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