cysmo® Business Suite

Fully automated documentation, assessment and analysis of cyber risks

With the cysmo® Business Suite, insurance companies with cyber policies profit from a modular system for the comprehensive assessment of companies' individual IT security situations. Automated and in real-time, cysmo® also takes into account external cyber risks that are not considered in questionnaires.

The cysmo® Business Suite is ideally suited both for direct or broker sales and for smaller portfolios or big data management.

It can be used during acquisition, as support in sales meetings or during completion rate checks.

Browser-based – modular – accessible in 24/7 operation

cysmo® – the innovative way to analyse cyber risks

cysmo® Core

 …for customers, sales, underwriters and actuaries.

With cysmo® Core, sales and customer consultants trust in a perfectly interconnected analysis tool for optimal customer service in the cyber risk area.
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TO cysmo® Core

cysmo® Analytics

...Big Data in the cyber world

Applicable as part of the cysmo® Business Suite or as an individual component for the rating: cysmo® Analytics checks even big data inventories for cumulative risks.

cysmo® Analytics