cysmo® Business Suite

Fully automated documentation, analysis and assessment of cyber risks in real time

With the cysmo® Business Suite, insurance companies with cyber policies profit from a modular system for the comprehensive assessment of companies' individual IT security situations. cysmo® also takes into account external cyber risks that are not considered in questionnaires.

The cysmo® Business Suite offers additional added value in sales. This applies both to the acquisition and the support in sales meetings.

cysmo® is ideally suited both for direct or broker sales and for smaller portfolios or big data management.

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This is how the innovative risk analysis of cysmo® works

cysmo® offers a fully automated real-time assessment of cyber risks for users like underwriters and sales representatives of insurance companies.

cysmo® considers current threats like DDoS, phishing, exploits, data breaches and more in its real-time analysis and rates them in a live risk assessment.

cysmo® is browser-based: the rating process starts the moment you enter a domain address and gives you a comprehensive result in just three minutes on average.

cysmo<sup>®</sup> Core

cysmo® Core

...for customers, sales, underwriters and actuaries.

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cysmo<sup>®</sup> Analytics

cysmo® Analytics

...for portfolio managers & big data in the cyber world – everything under control.

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cysmo<sup>®</sup> API

cysmo® API

...seamless integration into existing IT systems.

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This is what makes cysmo® special

IT risks explained for everyone

IT risks explained for everyone

Tired of technical jargon that nobody in the insurance sector understands? cysmo® focuses on the individual business user, is intuitive in its handling and presents technical concepts in an easy-to-understand way. By insurance experts, for insurance experts.

At the touch of a button. In real time.

At the touch of a button. In real time.

cysmo® means rating within minutes from the “hacker's perspective” – complete with an immediate results export. The vectors used for the rating continuously adapt to the ever-changing threat situation. Obsolete standards are debunked by cysmo®. That way you are always up to date with technological change.

Portfolio analysis

Portfolio analysis

cysmo® aggregates data to specifically analyse the dispersion and accumulation of cyber risk factors. The cysmo® model is applicable to different sectors and company sizes and helps you identify accumulation risks. An increased concentration on the same data centres as well as security gaps (CFEs), encryption methods used, and other aspects can be analysed.

Fully automated

Fully automated

cysmo® is the efficient solution for rating technical risks in the cyber security sector. You are provided with a fully automated rating tool that gives you meaningful and comparable results for your customers’ cyber risks in just a few minutes.



Not only does cysmo® provide you with a real-time rating of a company's vulnerability to cyber attacks, it also includes comparative analyses for different sectors and company sizes based on a wide range of data. This enables you to credibly benchmark your insurance customers against other comparable companies.

Repeat anytime

Repeat anytime

Ratings can be repeated as often as you like with a comprehensible trend curve and rating history. This enables you to help your customers mitigate risks and to actively point out security issues during your contract period, which also benefits a positive customer dialogue. Using the cysmo® Radar you can set up a monitoring that automatically re-rates your portfolio in defined time intervals.