The core of the cysmo® Business Suite is the automated rating of individual IT structures of companies. cysmo® uses high-performance data generators, evaluates weak points visible from the outside with a passive big data approach and points out possible configuration errors. The rating does not intervene with the company IT and does not entail any risks for the examined company.

The analysis can be used to derive customer-specific implications for risk prevention and concrete recommendations for actions.

Holistic risk assessment by means of an automated external view

Completed questionnaires serve as a good basis for the assessment of potential cyber risks for companies. However, it is not only the self-assessment that is important, but also the external perspective as an attacker would have it.

With cysmo®, insurance companies can quickly and efficiently simulate an external attacker's view of the company to be rated. The information gained can be included in their risk assessment.

The result is a comprehensive picture of a company's potential risk situation that combines the offline internal perspective with the online external perspective.

The renewal process can be made more efficient thanks to the automation of cysmo®. The insurance company recognises the risk tendencies at first glance and can see whether and how threat situations change.

Translated for the insurance business – without media disruptions

Many market participants in the insurance business consider the cyber or IT world incomprehensible or even frightening.

Having recognised this, we have developed a solution that translates the cyber risks into building blocks suited for the insurance business. Thanks to the interplay with individually storable rules for deriving business decisions (questionnaires), customised offers can be defined.

Sales employees and customers remain in their familiar spheres but at the same time can refer to the results of a technical analysis. We offer this functionality in iPad compatible form and without extra charges.

Should it still get too technical, our handout Visualisation of the IT world provides purely descriptive explanations and examples for each result.


Insurance consulting and monitoring service

Customer reports in PDF format that are generated at the end of a risk assessment record the risk assessment process and can be stored in the data management systems – digitally or as (paper) files.

The reports are a solid basis for confidence-building sales meetings for cyber insurances: even before the contract completion, the customer is already given real added value thanks to the individual risk assessment – which promotes the perception to have chosen the right cyber insurance provider.

In existing customer relationships, regularly provided reports serve as a monitoring instrument for both the customer (“How secure is my current IT from the outside?”) and the insurer (“What risks does my customer currently face?”) – and are a perfect customer loyalty instrument.