Fully automated risk assessment for insurers.
At the touch of a button. In real time.

Discover a new dimension of cyber risk assessment with cysmo®. This new analysis tool enables insurers to reliably assess the risk of cyber attacks for their customers – an innovative basis for the assessment of cyber policies. cysmo® measures the success probability of potential and actual cyber attacks – at the touch of a button and in real time.


cysmo® has been developed by actuaries, IT and cyber security experts to comply with all industry-specific requirements – a true competitive advantage for you.



cysmo® for insurers

At the simple touch of a button, cysmo® gives you a fully automated real-time rating of a company's IT structure and its vulnerabilities. It helps underwriters with the risk assessment and price calculation for customers and interested parties and offers various other benefits.

The partial ratings and individual scores of cysmo® can be assigned to the respective coverage modules of a policy.




You offer cyber risk policies for SMEs or are planning to do so?

cysmo® might be the ideal analysis tool for you.

Find out for yourself!



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