cysmo®Business Suite for insurers

Reliable cyber risk assessment for your customers

Over the last years, the threats of cyber risks have increased significantly. There is a high potential in the market for cyber policies that insurers can use. However, the assessment of cyber risks partly still presents a black box for insurers as they often do not have an experienced cyber risk management or relevant IT expertise – and the threat situation is rapidly changing.

To fulfil these exact industry-specific requirements, cysmo® Business Suite has been developed by actuaries as well as IT and cyber security experts.

The cysmo® Business Suite enables insurers to reliably assess the risk of cyber attacks for their customers – always up-to-date and in real time.

One tool, many advantages

Reducing costs and creating a solid basis for your calculations

Thanks to the fully automated and digitalised risk assessment and rating by cysmo® your processes are optimised and your expenses reduced.

The result: reduced costs and a better calculation of policies.

Supporting insurance sales

Finally, your sales representatives can explain the individual cyber risks to their customers in a quick and easy-to-understand way so that the urgency of a cyber risk policy can be emphasised.

In addition, the comprehensible cysmo® Cyber Report helps sales representatives explain the conditions of their policy to their customers and make specific adaptations to each case.


Inventory scans for cross-selling possibilities

A batch procedure enables cysmo® to reliably and fully automatically rate the IT vulnerability of customers who do not yet have a cyber policy – all in a single scan.

These results then show which customers are suitable for a targeted approach for cyber insurance. This is the basis for an efficient sales approach including the possibility for cross-selling.

Correctly assessing risks

In an average of three minutes and at the touch of a button, the cysmo® Business Suite rapidly provides underwriters with a fully automated real-time rating of a company IT structure’s vulnerability.

To this end, all openly visible information is recorded and analysed – from the hacker's perspective and in consideration of all current threats from the net.

The scores of the cysmo®Business Suite, including outdated software, open ports, visible gateways, inadequate mail encryption methods and other security gaps, can ultimately be assigned to the different coverage modules of a policy.


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