Portfolio management

Risk assessment based on technical data – instead of a vague geographical basis

90 % of a portfolio is geographically based in Freiburg.

Question: Should another company from Freiburg be included in the portfolio?

From a purely geographical point of view, this would be discouraged. What if the services used by the companies based in Freiburg are distributed all over the world?

90 % of a portfolio is distributed across Europe and uses the same Internet provider from Germany.

Question: A company from America asks for a cover, do you want to include it in your portfolio?

From a purely geographical point of view, nothing would speak against it. However, if it turns out that the company from America also uses the same German Internet provider and even the locations of the servers are the same, this needs to be assessed differently.

Automated and at the touch of a button, cysmo® allows you to make a statement about whether a new risk fits into the current portfolio or not.