cysmo® Cyber Report

Personalised customer care – the regular security report for your customers

A cyber report generated at regular intervals compliments the cysmo® Private monitoring. This gives your customer a feeling of security and strengthens the image of the insurance company as a risk partner.

The report contains an overview of the current findings from the monitoring.
In a positive case (no abnormalities), the customer is given a feeling of security:
"You can rely on us. As soon as something happens, we are there for you."
In the negative case that something does happen, the customer is proactively informed about it:

"Attention, possible threat! Before anything happens, we recommend you take the following steps."
This creates a feeling of trust, as the insurance helps to ensure that damage does not occur at all.

Furthermore, you may use the report to highlight important news and talking points related to cyber topics. This can also be prepared differently for different target groups or personas. We support you with the initial creation of the report, according to your wishes.


cysmo® sample cyber report

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The cyber report is another tool for a stronger customer relationship

The feel-good report, designed with appealing content, builds a connection between the customer and you. While with other insurance companies the customer only has contact in the event of a claim, you take the communication and interaction with your customers to a whole new level.


What findings were there in the last month? Is everything OK?

Cyber insights

What has happened in recent months in the field of cyber security? The most important news presented in brief and easy-to-understand form

Recommended actions

How can I protect myself as a consumer in everyday life? The cysmo® team gives valuable tips & tricks

Meme of the month

A meme/comic adapted to the target group completes the cyber report.