cysmo® Darknet Monitoring

Permanent check of your private customers’ data regarding new threats from the darknet

With cysmo® Private Darknet Monitoring your customers always keep track of the situation. The data recorded in cysmo® Private is continuously checked for new publications in the darknet. 24/7 and 100 % GDPR-compliant.

The cysmo® Private API can be integrated without problems into your IT infrastructure using modern REST technology and industry standards, for example for the integration into a customer portal.

The unique white label approach allows cysmo® Private to be customised according to your corporate identity, so that your customers can comfortably use the darknet screening.

100 % GDPR-compliant
Integrated in portal
Made in Germany
Hosted in Germany

Digitisation know-how

Thanks to the combination of more than 30 years of experience in software development and innovative digitisation know-how, the cysmo® Darknet Monitoring stands for reliable software made and hosted in Germany. This gives your corporate customers real added value and puts you a step ahead of the competition. In order to maintain your customers' trust regarding sensitive data topics, thanks to the latest hashing technology cysmo® does not receive plain text data, so that you or your customers retain data sovereignty at all times.

Real darknet competence

You and your customers benefit from high data quality.

By employing an exclusive service provider, machine learning technology and methods of artificial intelligence, the cysmo® Darknet Monitoring is able to read not only the structured publications in the darknet but also the unstructured and hard-to-read raw data and dumps.